Forensic Accounting and Economic Damages

Our forensic accounting and economic damages team delivers analytical clarity for a broad range of disputes in which financial data and modeling are crucial.

Forensic Accounting and Economic Damages

The forensic accounting and economic damages team at Bates Group provides accounting, financial, and valuation expertise while at the same time effectively and objectively communicating the findings to the client throughout the duration of a project.

Whether serving as consulting experts or testifying experts, we support law firms, businesses, and government agencies by deciphering, interpreting, and explaining relevant accounting and financial data—including qualitative characteristics—to produce reliable and useful outcomes. In collaboration with Bates Group's Big Data Services, we process large data sets to collect, identify, and filter the relevant data required to execute a meaningful analysis consistent with the project’s objectives.

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Andrew C. Daniel

Director, Securities Litigation Expert and Consultant



Leonore Ralston

Managing Consultant, Securities Litigation & Consulting


Lindsey Dean, CPA, CFE

Managing Consultant, Regulatory and Internal Investigations


Learon Bird

Consultant, Regulatory Enforcement and Complex Litigation