What Makes Bates Different?

What Makes Bates Different?

We care

Employees are the driving force that is Bates. Our employees matter and we are intentional about supporting and engaging our team through events such as informal chats with senior leadership, one-on-one conversations with managers, and virtual staff break times.

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“Keep encouraging an open-door policy for staff to speak to managers about personal developments and non-work topics.”

We communicate

Whether it’s Bi-weekly All Staff video calls, Weekly team check-ins, or Bates Daily communications, we embrace a culture of engagement and communication.  96% of employees believe they are kept informed. We believe being transparent and inclusive builds strong, confident and informed professionals and teams.

“Keep being honest and transparent, especially during uncertain times like now.”

We prepare

We are company that believes it is important that our staff is always prepared to stay ahead of the curve. We provide all our staff members tech and mobile tools and equipment to ensure your success, coaching and training, technology support, as well as educational support to maintain professional licenses.

Bates wants its Team Members to continue to grow and develop their skills, knowledge base, and professional experience.

We empower and support

We host Monthly Culture Conversations where we have created a safe space for employees to engage, share, learn about each other and diverse perspectives. We believe in lifting all individuals up, and we invite employees annually to choose a charity to support in honor of their Bates employment anniversary.

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6/04/2020 - CEO Message: Standing up to Racial Injustice

2020 Employee Anniversary Fundraiser

In 2020, Bates made donations on behalf of staff to Feeding America, the Humane Society, Oceana, and the Equal Justice Initiative.

We play

In office and remotely, we value fun! Lately, it has been Pictionary, GIF wars, soda & wine tastings, goat tours, and horse racing, all virtually. In person, and when safe again, employees have enjoyed holiday celebrations, summer winery outings, gatherings at golf ranges, bowling, arcades, picnics – all with delicious food and laughter!

“Keep expanding the focus on employees, learning sessions on diversity, mental health, etc. it is fantastic."

The Experts Of Bates Group Are Here To Help

Bates Group’s consulting and testifying experts have diverse backgrounds resulting in a wide variety of expertise. With all that diversity, they have one thing in common – they are all outstanding practitioners in their fields.

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