Greg A. Kyle

Greg A. Kyle

Director, Bates Group

Greg Kyle is a director in Bates Group's New York office. He uses his extensive background in the securities industry, specifically investment research and portfolio management, to consult and provide expert witness testimony on securities matters involving fixed income and credit market performance and analysis including mortgage- and asset-backed securities (MBS and ABS), equity market and security valuations, sector and asset allocation analysis, and fund risk disclosures.

Before joining Bates Group, Mr. Kyle provided expert consultancy and testimony services with LECG and Bates Private Capital Incorporated, a firm that provided litigation consulting, financial analysis, market trend research, and expert witness testimony for securities and other financial-related matters.

Prior to Bates Private Capital, Mr. Kyle was the founder/president and chief strategist/analyst for Pegasus Research, LLC, an internationally recognized independent investment research firm. With his firm, he provided market, sector and company-specific research, in addition to valuation analysis for public and private companies. He has also produced numerous topical studies including the quarterly Pegasus Strategy Insights, the Pegasus IPO Monitor, the Pegasus Credit Watch, and others. Mr. Kyle also wrote a weekly column for the Wall Street Journal Interactive edition and other financial newspapers throughout the world.

Mr. Kyle also worked for Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich, serving as the head of the North American research team where he was responsible for formulating US investment policy for UBS in Switzerland. During this time with UBS, he successfully managed the US equity portion of a global asset allocation fund. He worked with the global research directors of UBS to develop unified global research products. Mr. Kyle began his professional career in the investment industry with Credit Suisse Holding as a research editorial associate.

Mr. Kyle's 20 years of experience in the investment management and research sector has allowed him to be a testifying expert in numerous arbitrations on fixed income and structured products (including ABS, MBS, and CDOs) in fund portfolios. In addition, he has also testified to credit market performance, investor risk disclosures and risk assessment, and default analysis for fixed income and various structured products.  Mr. Kyle still actively analyzes the financial markets and publishes the Bates Research Strategy Insights, which provides an analysis of the economy and the capital markets, including the equity and fixed income sectors.


Greg A. Kyle

A Consultant and subject matter expert in these services:



Pegasus Research, LLC, Founder/President & Chief Strategist/Analyst, 1997 to present

LECG, Director, 2007 to 2011

Union Bank of Switzerland, Head of North American Research Team, 1992–1996

  • Senior Analyst, New York
  • Equity Analyst, Capital Markets

Credit Suisse Holding, Research Editorial Associate, Credit Suisse, 1988–1992
Systems Specialist, Melcher AG


Swiss National Bank, Gerzensee, Switzerland, International Portfolio Management

Wolfsberg Executive Management Program, Wolfsberg, Switzerland

City University, Zurich, Switzerland, Finance


Served six years on the board of directors, New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA)

Member, CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute), (fka AIMR)

Authored investment book with McGraw-Hill, April 2000

Frequent lecturer on equity strategy, market, sector and company valuation, and emerging technologies at New York Society of Securities Analysts, Fordham Graduate Business School, and other conferences and seminars.