Marshall Kneeland

Marshall Kneeland

Marshall Kneeland is a Bates Group affiliate with extensive Fixed Income experience. A strong emphasis in Municipal Trading and Underwriting with both regional and national brokerage firms has given him product experience in Sales Process, Procedure, Portfolio Analysis, Risk Management and Public Finance. His years in the business have given him a historical perspective that provides a unique market insight.

Prior to joining the Bates Group, Mr. Kneeland worked at McAdams Wright Ragen Inc. as a fixed income trader focusing on Municipal, Corporate and Government bonds. As the 51st employee at McAdams, he was an important part of its growth to 187 employees before MWR Inc. was sold to RW Baird. In the 25 years prior to McAdams, Mr. Kneeland worked for a company which started out as Foster and Marshall, and through more than a dozen mergers and acquisitions became Citigroup. During these years he had a chance to trade a daily position of 30 million bonds, and to underwrite both competitive and negotiated new issues in the hundreds of millions. During these years these positions afforded him the opportunity to have supervisory roles in sales and trading.

Throughout his career Mr. Kneeland has had the opportunity to work as a committee member with both the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) and FINRA. In addition to working on the MSRB professional qualifications committee and their glossary committee, he also worked on FINRA’s series 7 content Review and Revision committee as well as the series 9/10 question writing committee.


Marshall Kneeland

A Consultant and subject matter expert in these services:



McAdams, Wright, Rangen, Inc., Senior VP, Trader, 2005-2014

Citigroup, Director, Municipal Securities Division, 2000-2005

Smith Barney, Senior Trader/Underwriter, 1993-2000

Shearson Lehman (Foster & Marshall), Senior Trader & Underwriter/Manager, 1980-1993

U.S. Bank, Municipal Trader, 1976-1980


Oregon State University, Bachelor of Science, Business

Series 63, 52, 53, 7, 8, 55

FINRA Series 9-10 Committee, 2007-2013

FINRA Series 7 Committee (content review & revision)

MSRB Professional Qualifications Committee, 1992-1999

State of Oregon, Advisor, Municipal Debt Advisory Committee