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Instructions for Publishing the Bates Group Research Blog


Artice Preview Copy text

Use Heading 2 for headers

  1. These are the instructions for publishing the Bates Research Research Blog.
  2. Open two windows, one for last weeks blog to use for reference and one for publishing the preview draft.
  3. Title Box - Use Article Title
  4. URL Tiltle Box - Uste title Bates Research Blog and add date (Year-Month-Day) right before publishing.  Use dashes "-" to connect all characters.
  5. Catagories Box - Use catagory Bates Research.
  6. Article Image Box - Click Add a File which opens up the Asset Library and go to News file to preview existing Assets or find appropriate public image to upload to Asstets/News file.  Importing is done in the Asset  Library, navigation to that is on the top memu bar 
  7. Mark Hide article image on the Detail Page as Yes.
  8. Mark Artile image Position as Inline (normally but this may vary based on the image and formatting of the article).
  9. Do not use links in Article Preview Copy.
  10. Article Main Copy Box - This is where the full article is pasted.  Formatting menu at the top of box.  Use Normal format, Heading 2 format for headers, and Insert Link to convert text to an outside link. 
  11. Article Image Box - Click Add a File which opens up the Asset Library and go to News file for Bates Group logo.
  12. At the bottom of the screen, select Save and preview.  In Preview, select Share Draft to send to others for review, bottom left corner.

This is a link to the Bates Group News Page.

Add Footer "Continue the conversation with Bates Group on LinkedIn and Twitter." Add links to LinkedIn and Twitter.


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