Fraud Awareness Training and Workshops

The most effective way to reduce the financial and reputational impact of fraud on your organization is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The best way to prevent it is to implement and maintain a robust anti-fraud awareness program. Because we know that over 50 percent of frauds are discovered by other employees, Bates will fortify this line of defense by providing introductory and advanced fraud awareness training to employees and management.

Bates Group offers companies and governmental agencies training on:

  • Awareness, prevention and deterrence;
  • Risk assessment, controls and policy development;
  • Investigation, interviewing and detection;
  • Response, recovery and evaluation.

Our training programs are designed to address the emotional, financial and reputational impact fraud can have on your organization and how you can overcome it if fraud is discovered. Our customized programs are led by Bates Group’s experienced consultants and practitioners who will help you achieve your organization’s fraud awareness goals.

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