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Institutional Litigation & Consulting


Many members of our institutional expert team have decades of experience in both general and highly specialized banking functions.  We are often retained to provide guidance in disputes that involve functions that were managed or overseen by members of our institutional expert team on a daily basis.  Bates experts have worked in both retail and commercial banking positions and as regulators, in many instances concluding their careers at an executive management level.  While serving in executive roles, our experts have been responsible for the retail line of business, the commercial line of business, consumer product management, and call center operations.  Of particular relevance in recent disputes, our experts have also had direct responsibility for eBusiness within the banking segment, including online product offerings, strategy related to deployment of key business lines online, and the online banking platform itself. 

Within the retail banking business, Bates has many experts that possess deep knowledge related to the management of credit and core operations platforms, including secured and unsecured credit and underwriting, home loans fulfillment, deposit and credit operations, and insurance and protection products.

Bates Group experts have also held high-level positions in Treasury functions within banking institutions and can provide testimony and consulting expertise applicable to import and export documentation, trade financing, currency conversions and foreign exchange trading, customers’ exchange risk hedging requirements and proprietary trading of forex positions.

Our experts can also assist counsel with disputes or regulatory investigations as they relate to enterprise level risk management operations.  Members of our team have held executive level positions at major firms wherein they had direct responsibility for credit risk oversight and reporting, establishing credit risk management policies and standards, providing forward-looking analytics and insights about credit portfolios, as well as monitoring and reporting on systemic risk issues.  These executive-level positions also included oversight (at the Bank level) of risk policies and governance, credit risk regulatory reporting, risk ratings, limits and asset quality and allowance.

We can also provide in-depth guidance to counsel on disputes involving credit unions.  With over 20 years of experience related to accounting for investments, loans, troubled debt restructuring, and compliance matters specific to credit unions, our experts are well positioned to assist counsel with any issues that surface related to credit unions.

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Bates Group is with you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information on how our End-to-End Solutions can help your firm.

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