Discovery Planning and Managed Document Review Services

Our team of experienced discovery planning and managed review specialists support your discovery efforts, taking the burden off you. 


From case inception through resolution, Bates Group has been a trusted partner to our clients and their counsel for over 30 years, delivering superior quality and results at a competitive cost. Throughout the lifecycle of your litigation, regulatory or investigation matter, our end-to-end services will provide you with powerful and innovative discovery solutions that will give you clear insight into your case issues and help to ensure optimal outcomes.

Discovery in today’s world of high volume and increasing scope has created a significant burden for government agencies, law firms, and their clients to manage e-discovery under tight deadlines and at reasonable rates. Bates Group eDiscovery Consulting and Managed Document Review Services enable organizations to leverage the advantages of highly experienced discovery specialists and technology-enabled e-discovery review solutions allowing you to focus your time and effort on the high-value tasks your legal team was hired to perform.

Our team has decades of experience in architecting and managing large-scale eDiscovery projects for all types of litigation and regulatory investigations for clients in varied industries, including financial services, professional services, high-tech, product liability, intellectual property, biotech, and government.

The Bates Group Solution:



  • 20+ years of discovery planning and managing document review
  • Retained on hundreds of cases
  • Utilize a highly efficient team of review attorneys trained in our systems and processes

Established Systems & Processes

  • Project lifecycle management and a collaborative review strategy
  • Established remote review capability
  • Regular client communication & collaboration throughout the project
  • Proven workflows and quality control measures
  • State of the art document review technology 
  • Regular key document and fact pattern reporting
  • Defensible process, defensible reporting

Work to Tight Deadlines

Deadlines are part of every engagement and we are proficient at planning and executing all facets of discovery project to meet your targets.

Cost Competitive

Bates Group focuses on providing high quality, efficient, defensible document reviews resulting in overall cost reduction to our clients. Project cost transparency is ensured through comprehensive reporting on completion and budget status.


Bates Group’s Managed Review Team has provided support in many areas of complex litigation and investigation related to:

  • Product Liability Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Patent Enforcement Disputes/Litigation
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Insurance Defense
  • Federal DOJ Investigations
  • Securities Litigation 
  • SEC Investigations
  • ERISA Actions
  • AML/Fraud Investigation and Litigation
  • Merger and acquisition disputes
  • Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Litigation
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