Trade Finance Advisory and A.I. Solutions

Criminal organizations and individuals frequently use trade finance to launder funds and to evade sanctions and regulations. To reduce these financial crimes and risks, regulators require financial firms to implement effective monitoring and control systems. 

Bates brings our leading AML and financial crimes industry expertise together with our partner Complidata’s Artificial Intelligence technology in a joint solution to assist financial institutions in optimizing their Trade Finance and regulatory compliance, reducing manual processes while increasing efficiencies.

Our Trade Finance Advisory and A.I. solutions:

  • Identify contractors
  • Screen contractor names
  • Use machine learning and AI to pick out relevant work
  • Automate the manual checking of Trade Finance documents & verification of consistency with LC terms in front office, reducing process time from 45 mins. to 10 mins. and reducing error ratio
  • Achieve 80% digitization accuracy immediately
  • Advise and develop controls
  • Draft policy documents
  • Implement systems

Our combined efforts also target AML Transaction Monitoring, KYC, Alert Risk Ranking, PEP & Sanctions screening, and AML Model Risk Management. We help financial institutions significantly increase efficiencies in their processes and procedures while reducing the percentages of false-positive alerts.

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