Virtual Hearing and Mediation Support

We are now living in a virtual hearing and mediation environment. To achieve arbitration, litigation and mediation success, firms and their counsel will need to embrace this new medium.

Bates Group supports and prepares counsel and firms for virtual legal proceedings. Our Virtual Hearing and Mediation Support services help your in-house and outside counsel master this new environment while gaining confidence and the competitive advantage you seek.

Bates Virtual services include:

  • SEC, FINRA and Court pre-hearing and mediation preparation and presentation assistance
  • Virtual motions, discovery, and exhibit services
  • Real-time SEC, FINRA and Court proceedings and mediation support
  • Zoom (or other virtual platform) training for in-house and outside counsel and when working with experts, including: tech checks, navigation control, audio/video controls, screen sharing, screen positioning, wardrobe, and lighting
  • Contingency planning for technology lapse or failure
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Andrew Daniel, Director, Securities Litigation