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Bates News  |  07-24-20

Welcome to Our New Bates Experts

Bates Group is proud to welcome our newest experts and consultants: 

Amy Bard, Esq.- Sales Practice Litigation, Compliance, Senior Investors

Paula Barnes - Retail Industry Expert, Retail Contracts, Regulatory and Compliance investigations

Linda Houston - Wealth Management, Branch Management, Hiring and Recruiting, Retail Securities Litigation and Arbitration

Donald Mattersdorff, CFA - Investment Advisory, Risk Management, Securities Analysis (Equity and Fixed Income)


Bates News, Bates Research  |  07-22-20

Bates Practice Leadership Insights: Julie Johnstone on the Changing Litigation Landscape

As Managing Director for Bates Group's Retail Litigation practice, Julie Johnstone manages and oversees financial litigation and arbitration matters. Her team assists broker-dealer and investment advisers, banks and insurance companies, as well as State and Federal Regulators, throughout the life cycle of their retail litigation matters, from early case assessments, profit and loss reports, damage analyses, and “what if” scenarios, to expert consultation and testimony at hearing, as well as mediation and settlement support. We asked Julie to consider the state of retail litigation in light of the pandemic and to anticipate some of the long-term implications on case management and dispute resolution going forward.


Bates News, Bates Research  |  06-26-20

Bates Practice Leadership Insights: Regulatory Investigations Now and on the Horizon

Bates continues our practice leadership conversations this week with Alex Russell, Managing Director of Bates’ White Collar, Regulatory and Internal Investigations Practice. Alex’s team supports corporations, financial services firms, law firms and regulators by bringing technical, big data analytics and managerial expertise to a variety of disputes and investigations. We asked Alex about investigations, big data and other regulatory issues now and possibly on the horizon. Get the details in today's Bates Practice Leadership Insights.


Bates News  |  06-15-20

Bates Media Mentions: Bob Lavigne and Hank Sanchez Quoted in Investment News and AdvisorHub articles

Robert Lavigne and Hank Sanchez are both quoted in the Investment News cover article, “The Sound of Silence,” concerning Reg BI and Form CRS, published on June 1, 2020. Mr. Lavigne is also quoted in a June 4, 2020 AdvisorHub article.


Bates News, Bates Research  |  06-09-20

Bates Practice Leadership Insights: What AML Officers are Thinking About Now

Bates continues our practice leadership conversations this week with Edward Longridge, Managing Director of Bates Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Practice, for his views on the matters most pressing for AML officers right now, including coronavirus-related fraud, transaction monitoring, and third-party risk management. Here is a recap of our conversation.


Bates News, Bates Research  |  06-05-20

New Capital Market Insights White Paper: Bear Markets, Black Swan Events and Volatility

The first part of this year has been challenging for the equity markets. In March, the S&P 500 Index plunged into bear market territory as volatility soared to historic levels. The sudden appearance of a severe global pandemic is just the most recent example of a “black swan event” roiling the markets. In this paper, Bates Director and expert Greg Kyle examines in detail bear markets, black swan events, and volatility to gain some perspective on how the recent—or current?—bear market compares with historical periods.


Bates News  |  06-04-20

CEO Message: Standing up to Racial Injustice

A message from Bates Group CEO Jennifer Stout


Bates News  |  06-02-20

Introducing Bates Group’s Business Interruption Litigation Support

Bates Group’s industry-leading insurance, forensic accounting and economic damages experts stand ready to assist Insurers and agents in the many challenges they face as result of pandemic-related business interruptions, including pre-litigation claims reviews and multi-faceted support should a matter proceed to litigation.


Bates News, Bates Research, Compliance and Regulatory Alerts  |  05-20-20

Bates Practice Leadership Insights: What Compliance Officers are Thinking About Now

In this first of a series of conversations with Bates Group practice leaders, we caught up with Robert Lavigne, Managing Director and Bates Compliance Practice Leader, and Hank Sanchez, Esq., Bates Compliance Managing Director and former SEC and FINRA regulator, to get an understanding of what they are hearing from compliance officers right now, as well as advice for compliance teams in the "new normal."


Bates News  |  05-11-20

Welcome Our New Bates Experts

Bates Group is proud to welcome our newest experts and consultants: 

Kathy D. Ireland – ERISA, Investment Advisers Act, Codes of Ethics

Philip Lieberman, CPCO, CLU – Property and Casualty Insurance

Jennifer Luce – Accounting, Media, Publishing

Mike Steinmetz – Cybersecurity


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