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Bates Research  |  09-05-14

Fed Seeks LIBOR Alternative

This week the Federal Reserve renewed its call for an alternative benchmark to LIBOR. Fed governor Jerome Powell gave a speech Thursday on the need for a new benchmark, and called on market participants to come together in agreeing on one.


Bates Research  |  08-22-14

Fed Considers Repo Reform

Pundits examining the failures of the financial system that precipitated the Credit Crisis of 2008 often point to two areas of the market outside the traditional realm of banking: money market funds and repo markets.


Bates Research  |  08-15-14

FINRA Fines High in First Half 2014

FINRA recently made available disciplinary data for the first half of 2014, and the numbers are up sharply from 2013. 


Bates Research  |  08-08-14

Asset Managers Avoid Extra Oversight

Two of the industry's largest asset managers can breathe a little easier this week. After a long lobbying campaign BlackRock and Fidelity have finally convinced the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) that they should not be designated "systemically important."


Bates Research  |  08-01-14

Another Default for Argentina

A blog post is too short a forum to fully explain the last decade of debt reshuffling in Argentina, but we hope that this post can serve as a suitable jumping-off point for those delving more deeply into the situation.


Bates Research  |  07-25-14

SEC Passes Money Market Reform

The SEC, by a narrow vote of 3 to 2, passed new laws this week which would limit the ability of money market funds to claim a stable NAV of $1.00.


Bates Research  |  07-18-14

A New Fiduciary Standard

The SEC has been mulling over a new fiduciary duty rule, which it was granted the authority to issue by Section 913 of the Dodd-Frank Act.


Bates Research  |  07-11-14

PREPA and Puerto Rico

So far, 2014 has been a good year for municipal investors, who are up 5.6% year-to-date, compared to investors in high-rated corporate debt (4.8%) and Treasuries (2.1%). The situation in Puerto Rico could mark a dramatic turn for municipal investors, who must once again face declining price pressure on the island's bonds.


Bates Research  |  07-02-14

Puerto Rico Recovery Act

On June 25th, Governor Padilla laid out a proposal to allow some of Puerto Rico's public corporations to enter into a bankruptcy-like process.


Bates Research  |  06-30-14

The Jobs Recession is Finally Over

Six-and-a-half years after the onset of the recession, the total number of people employed has finally risen above pre-recession levels, marking the jobs recession as finally over.


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