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Download The New Reg BI White Paper from Bates Research and Bates Compliance

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Understand what Reg BI requires now — and what more you must implement before the final deadline. 

Download our new white paper: "SEC’s Regulation Best Interest Perspectives on Firm Compliance."


This new two-part article, from Bates Compliance Reg BI leaders and our Bates Research team, is an overview of the current state of play on the impending SEC Reg BI rule: how we got here, what the rule requires and what firms need to have in place before the final compliance implementation date on June 30, 2020.

Regulators have announced that they will be reviewing firm’s preparedness and will examine firm’s compliance with Reg BI, Form CRS and related guidance following the deadline. It is therefore imperative that firms have a Reg BI plan in place and develop core compliance and supervisory processes and components now to achieve regulatory expectations and overcome scrutiny.

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The Bates Compliance Reg BI Team is available to advise, guide and implement a selective or full suite of Reg BI services.
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