Bates News - 08-09-19

Introducing Bates Group’s Managed Document Review Services

Discovery in today’s world of high volume and increasing scope has created a significant burden for government agencies, law firms and their clients to manage e-discovery under tight deadlines and at reasonable rates.

Bates Group’s new Managed Document Review services enable organizations to leverage the advantages of highly experienced review specialists and technology-enabled e-discovery review solutions allowing you to focus your time and effort on the high-value tasks your legal team was hired to perform.

Our team is led by Managed Review veteran Victoria Wilken-Farrell, who has decades of experience in managing large-scale document reviews for all types of litigation and regulatory investigations for clients in varied industries, including financial services, professional services, high-tech, product liability, intellectual property, bio-tech, and government. 

Let Bates Group support your case discovery needs.



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Victoria Wilken-Farrell, Managed Review Team Leader

direct: 971.250.4336



Alex Russell, Managing Director, Securities Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement

direct: 971.250.4353



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