Bates Research  |  03-28-14

Corporate Cash - Fact or Fiction

Many examinations of corporate behavior during the credit crisis and subsequent recovery have focused on one issue - are companies sitting on a pile of cash?  Many pundits are now questioning the accuracy of this analysis.


Bates Research  |  03-20-14

Federal Reserve Policy Changes

On Wednesday of this week, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee released its latest forecasts for the U.S. economy.


Bates Research  |  03-14-14

FTC Investigates Herbalife

In May of 2012, Pershing Square Capital, a $12 billion hedge fund run by William Ackman, first began compiling a short position in Herbalife, a California-based nutrition company


Bates Research  |  03-07-14

Puerto Rico Debt Issuance

This week the Puerto Rico Legislature approved the proposed issuance of a $3.5 bln General Obligation Bond issue.  


Bates Research  |  02-28-14

FINRA and Expungement

During its February 2014 Board Meeting, FINRA finalized a new proposed rule limiting the use of expungement in the arbitration process. 


Bates Research  |  02-21-14

Municipal Defaults

2013 was a challenging year for municipal markets, with the downgrades of Puerto Rico continuing that trend into 2014.


Bates Research  |  02-13-14

Puerto Rico Downgrades Continue

After our post was published last Friday the 7th, Moody's joined S&P in downgrading Puerto Rico below investment grade.  On Tuesday of this week, Fitch joined the other two rating agencies, and moved Puerto Rico below investment grade.


Bates Research  |  02-07-14

Puerto Rico Downgrade

On Tuesday, S&P downgraded Puerto Rico below investment grade from BBB- to BB+.  The island had previously been placed on watch by S&P for a possible downgrade on January 24th. 


Bates Research  |  01-31-14

A Minimum Wage Increase

On Tuesday evening President Obama used his State of the Union Address to outline key policy initiatives for the next year.  Included among them was an increase in the required minimum wage for some federal contractors to $10.10. 


Bates Research  |  01-24-14

Accounting Fraud

The SEC recently announced that it has reached a $5 million settlement related to earnings manipulation by Diamond Foods, Inc. 


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