We are dedicated to providing our clients with timely, accurate, and useable information, to help them achieve their legal, regulatory and compliance needs. With our help, you’ll always be ahead of the curve, we know the right questions to ask, and can interpret the results.


White Papers

Our research division produces white papers that provide valuable overviews of different aspects of financial markets, investment vehicles, and products that are designed to help readers understand complex topics, without undertaking a comprehensive review of the subject matter themselves.

Research Blog

Our blog is devoted to helping readers stay abreast of current issues in capital markets, including regulatory activity, litigation trends, macroeconomic performance and market activity.  Our team can also prepare presentations and briefings covering any aspect of capital markets of interest to clients.  We have presented materials before major financial institutions, bar associations, and have worked with clients to prepare presentations before regulators and other audiences.

Bates Research helps our clients become better educated and prepared to understand the universe of investment products, markets and strategies.

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