Arbitrator Evaluator™

Arbitrator Evaluator™ from Bates Group is the smart way to identify and select the best arbitrators for your case.

Streamlines the arbitrator ranking and selection process, summarizing disclosure reports into one easy-to-read document for customer arbitrations

Delivers quantitative rankings of an arbitrator’s decisions, flagging key analysis factors – including punitive awards – for your final qualitative review


Arbitrator Evaluator™ Advantages

  • Saves research time, allowing you to focus on selecting the right arbitrators
  • Powered by 30 years of Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (SAC) awards data and FINRA arbitration decisions
  • Provides essential information and links to awards for better decision making

What You Get

  • Dashboard views and quick links to provide an easy comparison of all arbitrators
  • Biographical data and awards details available for each arbitrator
  • A preliminary ranking for each panel position
  • Ability to re-rank arbitrators based on additional qualitative data unique to your matter
  • Custom notes section which can be saved and shared
  • Fast turnaround

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Arbitrator Evaluator Dashboard