Institutional Litigation & Consulting

Bates Group’s Institutional Litigation and Consulting Practice brings together leading experts and consultants with decades of in‐depth institutional knowledge and invaluable industry experience to assist financial services organizations and their counsel, including the most powerful global Fortune 500 banks, brokerages and investment managers with billions of assets under management and America’s most trusted institutional retirement providers, to resolve complex high damages litigation matters, disputes and regulatory investigations.

We Represent The Following Organizations:

  • Brokerages
  • Hedge Funds
  • Institutional Retirement Providers
  • Investment Consulting Providers
  • Investment Managers
  • Multinational and regional banks
  • Wealth Managers

The insight and knowledge that Bates Group’s team of experts and consultants bring to any matter is instrumental in helping to define a course of action and to resolve the core issues in dispute efficiently and effectively. Many institutional disputes involve a multitude of issues and allegations: a matter may begin as a consulting project in one area only to transform into litigation related to another.  Our value proposition lies not only in our depth of knowledge and our ability to make the complex understandable, but also in the breadth of the institutional areas where we have substantial expertise, allowing us to provide seamless service with no interruption to our clients when they are required to shift focus during the course of a dispute. 

We provide expert witness testimony and consulting related to each of the following Institutional areas:

Sales & Trading


Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals


Investment Banking






Market Manipulation