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Bates Compliance partners with Summit Security Group to deliver Cybersecurity services for your Registered Investment Advisor firm. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to provide insight into security weaknesses in your operating environment and to support your compliance obligations and objectives.

Annual Compliance Gap/Risk Assessment

During this type of engagement, expert consultants will work with your firm to evaluate the Cybersecurity safeguards you have in place as well as which practices fall short of industry standards or fail to meet regulatory requirements. This type of assessment is performed through interviews with key members of the staff, a virtual or physical facility walk‐through, document reviews, etc. The assessment results in a deliverable to your firm describing gaps between operations and regulatory requirements and industry standards, as well as the potential risks associated with each gap. The report provides a list of recommended actions needed to close gaps and reduce risk to a level deemed acceptable by the client.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment and/or External Penetration Test

This type of engagement measures the ability of your firm’s technical infrastructure to withstand an attack launched by someone seeking to undermine the security of the systems or any data stored within them. During this type of assessment, security engineers use a variety of technical tools coupled with manual testing techniques to discover, describe and test weaknesses in the system environment. The end result of this type of testing is a technically detailed report that documents vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a firm’s systems and/or data. Our deliverable contains detailed technical proofs of concept and, like all our reports, recommended steps that should be taken to eliminate vulnerabilities and reduce risk.

Policy and Procedure Development

Documentation of key firm policies and procedures is essential to maintaining a robust Cybersecurity program and demonstrating compliance. Working with your firm, our team of experts can craft Cybersecurity policies or operating manuals describing the steps that staff need to take in order to protect your confidential data and support regulatory compliance.


Staff training is a critical component of a healthy Cybersecurity program. Our team will work with your firm to provide Cybersecurity training that covers industry standards and will help them understand critical areas of risk so they can implement appropriate processes. The training is designed to enhance your team’s overall understanding of security best practices as well as the threats to your environment.

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