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Registered Investment Advisers

Bates Compliance Solutions (BCS), a division of Bates Group LLC, provides world‐class Compliance and Regulatory services and support for new and existing Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs). Our comprehensive set of RIA services is tailored to the needs and requirements of each firm. Whether it is an acquisition of an existing RIA or an initial registration of a new RIA firm, your dedicated and experienced professionals at Bates will assist in developing and maintaining compliance programs, at prices that are more than competitive.

Our Services

I ‐ Setup of New RIAs

For new RIAs, BCS understands the time‐consuming steps necessary for an Initial Registration and completes them for you. BCS Initial Registration services include:

  • Initial Due Diligence on Principals and Owners
  • IARD Filing
  • Prepare entitlement forms
  • Setup FINRA IARD account
  • Provide Instructions on funding the IARD account Forms

BCS Prepares and Uploads the Following Forms & Schedules to the IARD System:

  • Form ADV Part 1A
  • Form ADV Part 1B (if applicable)
  • Schedules A, B, D
  • Form ADV Part 2A
  • Form ADV Part 2B supplemental
  • Form U4s

Written Supervisory Procedures

  • Code of Ethics
  • AML
  • WSPs are tailored to each RIA’s registration specifications (SEC and/or State) and business

Customized Forms and Checklists Include (but are not limited to):

  • Privacy policy notices
  • Annual compliance calendar checklists
  • Other forms as applicable to the RIA’s business model


  • BCS is committed to preparing all documents promptly after receipt of all requested
  • information
  • During the submission process, BCS serves as the regulatory liaison with the SEC and/or State regulators. BCS also addresses any questions or revisions requested after initial review

If the RIA is an SEC‐registered firm, BCS may prepare and file the 120‐day amendment filing, if applicable. In addition, BCS will set out a list of compliance files and reports that help each RIA comply with its regulatory and compliance responsibilities.


II ‐ Merge / Acquire An Existing RIA

BCS understands the risks associated with the acquisition of an existing RIA, together with the need to comply with ongoing regulatory and compliance obligations, and the risks of unknown violations and litigations that may surface post-deal closing. When looking to acquire or affiliate with an existing RIA, BCS performs the following services to provide a smooth transition:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence on the Firm or Individuals
  • Full (Annual) Compliance Review
  • Custom Projects


III ‐ Ongoing Support

BCS also offers various levels of ongoing support which can be tailored to the needs of each RIA.
BCS Ongoing Support includes:

  • Annual Compliance Review
  • State or SEC Compliance Calendar
  • Forensic Testing of Compliance Records
  • Written Supervisory Procedures ‐‐ Initial, Review, and Update
  • Privacy Policy, Code of Ethics, other Corporate Policies
  • Annual Education and Compliance Training
  • ADV Parts 1 and 2 Reviews, Updates and Filings
  • AML Program Reviews
  • Employee and Proprietary Trading Reviews
  • Advertising and Marketing Material Reviews
  • 13F, 13G and 13H Report Filings
  • IARD Administration
  • Expense Allocation Review
  • CCO Support
  • Sample or Customized Forms
  • Mock Regulatory Examinations
  • Ongoing Risk Assessments


IV ‐ BCS RIA Alerts for Rule & Regulation Updates

Keeping the RIA up‐to‐date on Rules and Regulations is a crucial part of maintaining an intact compliance culture. BCS RIA Alerts provide firms with keen insights on what is changing and what they can do to stay in compliance.

Examples of Bates Group‘s Capabilities

Registered Investment Advisers

Investment Advisor
  • Retained by Investment Advisor firm to assist in submitting a new broker dealer formation.
  • Retained by large multinational bank to register new Investment Advisor to cover US, Latin America and Spain.

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