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Our seasoned team of industry experts have held high-level positions in capital markets sales, trading, syndication, underwriting, and risk management across fixed income, equities, foreign exchange, and custom derivative products.  Our team also includes individuals who have served in legal and compliance functions in support of sales and trading activities, and who can provide detailed and invaluable guidance in sales and trading related disputes and regulatory investigations. 

Bates has provided instrumental testimony and consulting in sales and trading disputes related to markup/markdown of fixed income securities, adequacy of sales and trading supervision, investment suitability, internal risk evaluation methods and standards, regulatory and compliance requirements, sales practice standards (placement, incentives, product specific features, etc.), trade-crossing, asset pricing and employment disputes related to sales compensation and sales performance.

In many instances these disputes do not revolve around a single issue, but instead are a complex combination of many different elements of the aspects outlined above.  For example, a trade-crossing dispute that also includes a disagreement over asset pricing; or a markup dispute that includes allegations related to suitability and supervision standards.  Bates Institutional practice area uses a team first concept, in which our experts work together collaboratively to address all of the issues at dispute within a given matter.  We’ve found this approach to be the most meaningful way to provide real value for our clients, who appreciate that they can come to a single place to get any and all of their questions answered, as the dispute takes shape and evolves over time.

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