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Our experts and consultants have held high-level leadership positions serving ultra-high net worth individuals, some serving as executives on the leadership team of the largest wealth management organizations in the world, and are familiar with all aspects of managing clients whose service expectations and complex investment needs extend far above those of retail clients.  Beyond leadership experience, we also have experts and consultants who have provided portfolio management, third-party asset management services, and sales coverage to ultra-high net worth individuals.   

Our team can assist with disputes related to supervision requirements, disclosure standards, required standards and industry customs and practices for portfolio management, alternative investment structures such as hedge fund and private equity fund investments, as well as privately issued and restricted securities.  We have decades of experience in analyzing financial records for wealth accounts held at foreign institutions, translating that performance into a common currency, and presenting a single coherent picture of the financial activity within the ultra-high net worth individual’s total portfolio.  As many ultra-high net worth individuals have business holdings that form a portion of their total wealth, we also offer expertise in valuation of those entities, which may include sports teams, wineries, art, or other collectibles. 

We also have substantial experience in analyzing the custom products, such as structured notes and swaps or over-the-counter derivatives, which are often found in ultra-high net worth portfolios.  We’re proud to continue to uphold Bates Group’s sterling reputation as a standard-setting firm within the litigation consulting industry in analyzing, deciphering and presenting the performance and strategies underlying complex products within a portfolio in a straightforward fashion.  To learn more about our work in this area, please click here.

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