Bates Research  |  10-16-14

PIMCO Total Return Fund

It has been a bad year for PIMCO's Total Return bond fund, normally a stalwart presence in fixed income markets.  After the performance of the fund fell from the top to the bottom quartile of its peers, the fund has faced a steady wave of withdrawals.


Bates Research  |  10-10-14

More Detail on New Puerto Rico Debt

Additional details on Puerto Rico's planned debt issuance came out this past week. Previously, we reported that Puerto Rico would enter markets within the next month and issue $900 million in Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs).


Bates Research  |  10-03-14

Banks Exit Benchmark Reporting

As regulators worldwide search for viable alternatives to LIBOR (and similar benchmark rates), many banks have distanced themselves from these benchmarks already by ceasing to contribute to them.


Bates Research  |  09-26-14

Argentina Fights Default

Argentina's messy navigation of its latest default continues – this time with an attempt to circumvent the U.S. ruling preventing it from making interest payments to bondholders.


Bates Research  |  09-19-14

Puerto Rico Approaches New Debt Issue

Puerto Rico will be returning to capital markets within the next month to raise $900 million in needed funds.


Bates Research  |  09-12-14

Exchanges Face HFT Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District of New York, challenging stock exchanges' established immunity from damages. The lawsuit, which includes such plaintiffs as the City of Providence, Rhode Island and the State-Boston Retirement System, alleges that the exchanges provided high frequency trading (HFT) firms "enhanced trading information at faster speeds" and developed "complex order types" which were designed to benefit HFT firms.


Bates Research  |  09-05-14

Fed Seeks LIBOR Alternative

This week the Federal Reserve renewed its call for an alternative benchmark to LIBOR. Fed governor Jerome Powell gave a speech Thursday on the need for a new benchmark, and called on market participants to come together in agreeing on one.


Bates Research  |  08-22-14

Fed Considers Repo Reform

Pundits examining the failures of the financial system that precipitated the Credit Crisis of 2008 often point to two areas of the market outside the traditional realm of banking: money market funds and repo markets.


Bates Research  |  08-15-14

FINRA Fines High in First Half 2014

FINRA recently made available disciplinary data for the first half of 2014, and the numbers are up sharply from 2013. 


Bates Research  |  08-08-14

Asset Managers Avoid Extra Oversight

Two of the industry's largest asset managers can breathe a little easier this week. After a long lobbying campaign BlackRock and Fidelity have finally convinced the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) that they should not be designated "systemically important."


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